I’m a Team Growth Strategist and I help business owners survive their growth-spurts, grow their teams — and cultivate a strong culture based on consent & accountability.

For 25 years I’ve guided teams through high-stakes/high-uncertainty situations, from counterterrorism operations in Afghanistan to software product management at the dawn of the internet boom.

As a COO, I’ve helped clients achieve 7-figure launches, roll out new product lines and architect full-team reorgs — and build strong, equity-centered business practices and teams.

Partnering with business owners to move their teams — and their operations — to the next level is my sweet spot and my passion.

My Values

My core values are how I prioritize work, make decisions, and collaborate with teammates and clients. I put these in play every day, and I learn every day how to do better.

I believe that every human being deserves to be safe and loved. I believe that Black Lives Matter, and I’m committed to elevating entrepreneurs from communities that have been marginalized – and dedicated to creating a welcoming, equitable experience for all.

Graphic of my values