Unless you hired for clairvoyance🔮
– your team is waiting for you to paint a picture of what to build.

What does “Done” look like for the project you assigned?

What MUST it have (or do)?

What must it NOT have?

So often I hear frustration from CEOs that they have to always “spell things out” for their team.

But even if you hire a Master Builder she’s still gonna need to know what she’s building.

Things she can’t build:

🟠 “A house that I will like.”
🟠 “Build a first draft and I’ll tell you what I like & don’t like about it.”
🟠 “Look at my other houses for inspiration.”
🟠 “Oh, it’s too hard to describe – I’ll just build it myself.”

This is a COMMON problem I see in growing businesses.

It’s not a character flaw (yours or theirs). It’s just a skill to up-level.

It’s teachable, learnable and doable.

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