Tobi Fairley is a former client, friend – and holder of the "it's SO easy to talk to you" award (IMHO). In our interview together,  we discuss how to work through the bottleneck issue in your business and why bottlenecks, boundaries, and ultimately happiness, are an inside job.

We talked about bottlenecks, fire drills, and fire-fighting – and why some habits are just so hard to break.

A lot of the fires we set…are ego-driven and fear-based…and completely manufactured.

We also share some "second half of life" wisdom and why it’s important to start listening to your intuition.

Ep #157: Curing the CEO Bottleneck with Karen Sergeant - Tobi Fairley
Bottleneck behaviors were once habits of success, but they can be problematic for you as the CEO of your business. It is no longer doing more that will get you to where you want to go, and by acknowledging your habits, you can cure the bottleneck you’re creating. Today’s guest joins me to explore th…

Other topics:

  • how bottlenecks form in businesses (and the framework to FIX them)
  • how uncertainty makes us feel ⁠
  • hustle culture & its discontents⁠⁠
  • what surrender teaches us (if we're lucky)⁠

Please give it a listen!