I was Kim Wensel's last interview (!) on the Pattern of Purpose podcast. (She also said this was one of the "most quotable" interviews she's ever had!) Here's one sample:

I could tell you how to delegate. I can tell you how to make a project design brief. None of that will work if you haven’t broken up with fire drills and the dopamine hit they give you.
118: How To Stop Being The Bottleneck In Your Business - Pattern of Purpose

Top Takeaways:

• CEO bottleneck behaviors are habits of success that are turning into habits of liability because of your growth.”

• It’s a struggle for visionaries not to touch everything as their business grows, simply because they like to fiddle and change their mind.

• We have to normalize boring money.

• Sometimes you just need to be 20 minutes smarter to help someone.

• The key to progress is keeping the main thing the main thing.

• Bottleneck behaviors aren’t character flaws. They’re symptoms of growing pains.

Please give it a listen!