I met Patty Lennon at a networking event, and we knew we were a match (Patty says it was a "magic moment"). Since then, Patty's been a client, a friend โ€” and an inspiration. (Not to mention: a best-selling author.)

She interviewed me right as the year was ending, and we waxed philosophical. We probe:
โ€ข bottlenecks, and how they can show up in your business (and what to DO about them)

โ€ข the difference between maintaining control and staying safe

โ€ข how the "5 why's" can help you identify patterns that do not serve you

Please give it a listen!

Rescue Genius from the Daily Grind
Pattyโ€™s guest Karen Sergeant joins the podcast and itโ€™s a great conversation! Youโ€™ve got to hear how Patty and Karen met, itโ€™s a โ€œmagic momentโ€ that Patty brought into her life. Both Patty and Karen are fans of the Kolbe Assessment tool. One of the topics that Karen explains is the bottleneck concโ€ฆ